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Wilson Bros. Automotive was founded by Adam Wilson and his brother Matt. After 14 years, Matt has moved on to new opportunities in 2018, but the business continues to be owned and operated by Adam Wilson. Adam and Matt grew up in southern Connecticut; a short distance from New York City. After earning an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology, Adam migrated to Seattle and shortly thereafter Matt followed suit. After living and working in the Seattle area the brothers decided to start there automotive repair business. This decision was bolstered by constant pleas from people who always seem to be looking for a trustworthy, reliable automotive repair shop. We hear of people's frustration with their automotive repair experience, feeling confused and wondering what they just spent their hard earned money on. We want to vanquish this perception of the automotive repair industry.

Adam Wilson
Adam was exposed to the automotive repair world at a young age while working at several service stations. He took this interest and attended Denver Automotive and Diesel College where he graduated Cum Laude earning an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology. Adam is a ASE certified master technician with over 25 years of professional experience and continuing education. He has a strong knowledge base in Japanese and European imports as well as extensive experience repairing domestic vehicles. Away from the shop Adam enjoys hanging with the family, tennis, rock climbing, music, hiking, sports, food, and wine.

The vision for the business is simple: provide highly professional, trustworthy automotive repair where our customers feel comfortable and understand that recommendations, repairs, and services are made with their best interest in mind. We look forward to providing the best automotive service Seattle has to offer.

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